Three Aspects of Incorporation

According to Adnan Amal, there are four power so Unkhair can be established, namely: patience, sincerity, trust and sincerity. The establishment stems from idealism, not because of money. Finally, stems from sincerity and idealism that Unkhair stand and get support from the community. Establishment Unkhair according to Prof. Dr. Gufran Ali Ibrahim, not only founded, but also have to be raised and brought forward to today and the future.

At the beginning of the establishment, Unkhair really had no response of Maluku province, because there is concern that North Maluku district capital in Ternate will part with the capital of Maluku province in Ambon. However, the four powers earlier, according to Adnan Amal, be a reinforcement and inspiration to keep fighting even with limited resources established universities and accelerate the formation of North Maluku province. In this context, the idea of ​​establishing a North Maluku province has long echoed, but it was only realized in 1999.

At least three aspects behind the formation of Unkhair.

1. Economic Aspects

To provide an opportunity for senior high school graduates who are not economically able to continue their education outside of the city of Ternate, due to limited parental income. According to Said Ammarie, Head Dakomib (Maluku Kopra Dana-Irian Barat) North Maluku district, the goal is the establishment Unkhair -agar people who have low incomes (the weak economy) is a great desire to send their children to college can be realized. It is desirable to avoid unemployment that began with minimal income people (the weak economy). Because one of the factors the unemployment is the parents who have the economic income, minimal which could not continue their studies, to continue their education to college, because they have to get out of Maluku Utara.‖

2. Political Aspects

Support communities and local governments (LGs) to fight for the establishment of North Maluku province. The perceived needs of the university in the late 1950s when the various elements of the community of North Maluku sparked an idea to split away from the capital of Maluku province in Ambon. -Unkhair Established not merely education, but politics for the establishment of the province of North Maluku, ‖ said Adnan Amal, as support for the establishment of the province.

3. Aspects of Human Resources (HR)

According to Adnan Amal, Unkhair formed because want to prepare for college graduates who are able to manage the development and governance in sufficient quantities and of adequate quality. To prepare for the establishment of provinces, the cadres (or HR) required qualified for it. In that time the conditions were just high school graduates, the university establishment dibutuhkanlah.

Subject Name “Khairun”

According to Adnan Amal, in 1963 when the idea of ​​establishing a planned campus, appeared several names. However, the forum chose the name Khairun University were taken from one of the names in the Sultanate of Sultan Ternate. Selection of the name Khairun Adnan Amal which is proposed, based on several things: (1) Khairun is a sultan who had a high intellect. He had studied in Goa and could communicate in Portuguese and Spanish, (2) Khairun literally means ‗baik ‘in Arabic. It was the inspiration for the good of the community and the university in the future. Selection name Khairun University (without the word ‗sultan ‘) allows for in some campus names also exist that use the word ‗sultan’, also there are not, such as the University of Hasanuddin (without words ‗sultan ‘).

Presidium period (1964-1977)

In this period, as a new college, Unkhair established in partnership with the University of Sam Ratulangi in Manado. Furthermore, when Unkhair included in the working area Kopertis region IX in Ujung Pandang, then his partner was moved to the University of Hasanuddin and Teachers’ Training College Ujung Pandang (now: Makassar State University), and when formed Kopertis region XII Maluku-Papua, Unkhair partnered with the University of Pattimura in Ambon. This is useful for Unkhair partnerships in order to improve the quality of education and teaching curriculum in accordance with the national consortium.

1964 was a historic year Unkhair establishment. When formally inaugurated on August 15, 1964 at 10:00 hours CET Ternate Stadium, Prof. Yasin Muhammad from Sam Ratulangi University delivered speeches how important a university in North Maluku with the ship so he Nosemo (Ships Sailing Sulawesi-Maluku) took attended the ceremony. One day was the inauguration of the August 16, 1964, the lecture formally began.

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