Unkhair.ac.id. Ternate, 24/11/2017. International Office Affairs, UNKHAIR held a discussion on Education and Tourism. The event that conducted on Friday the 25th of November 2017 at Nuku Hall 4th Floor rectorate building, were initially an initiative of Prof. Dr. Husen Alting, MH on his opening speech at the International Workshop on Local Language Revitalization last October 2017. The FGD was facilitated by Dr. David Shirley, (a senior adviser for International development from the University of Sunshine Coast Australia)   following the establishment of collaboration between Unkhair-USC.

The FGD session was officially opened by vice rector IV Dr. Dr. Drs. Said Hasan M.Pd and continued by the facilitator in dividing the groups of attendee into two major grouping to discuss Education and Tourism. The groups consist of lecturers, researchers, students and provincial government representative from Tourism Department.  The discussion formulated four biggest programs of spices-based tourism and coastline-based tourism. The project proposals will be reviewed in university level before submitting to provincial government as pilot projects of inter-sector collaboration between Unkhair-USC and Provincial government in 2018.( r.m.a)

International Office and Public Relations UNKHAIR